What To Do When Facing An Insurance Claim Denial

It’s your worst-case scenario—your claim has been denied. You still must deal with the repercussions of damage and loss, but without any help from the very company you put so much faith into. Although it seems like it, not all hope is lost. Insurance Claim Advocates, LLC has helped many different policyholders through property insurance claim denials.

A good first step after your insurance claim denial is to go back through your policy prior to appealing the decision. You need to fully understand the parameters of your coverage, specifically what is and isn’t covered. For example, your policy may include coverage for wind damage, but not water damage. A hurricane can bring both, thus leading insurers to nullify your claim.

Be sure to examine the insurance claim denial letter to pinpoint the exact reason why your claim was denied. Was it the fault of the insurance adjuster? An independent adjuster? Identifying the reason for denial helps with formulating the appeal strategy.

Another step is to examine the evidence put forth. Was your photo or document evidence lacking? If so, be sure to gather sufficient photographic evidence of any damage incurred. Also, keep track of any documentation between you and your insurance provider, receipts for any repair services rendered, or repair goods purchased.

You can also seek the help of a public adjuster. Where an insurance company’s adjuster works for them, a public adjuster works for you and can provide an independent assessment of your total loss. Their assessment can be compiled with your evidence in putting forth an appeal.
Finally, another option is to pursue litigation via a property insurance claim attorney. Many law firms may claim to specialize in claim disputes but focus in other areas such as personal injury. Insurance Claim Advocates, LLC is reserved to property insurance claims on the side of the policyholder. We can help piece together your case in terms of evidence, independent assessments, and trial (if necessary).

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